发现内部秘密 百万美元的众筹活动

一些客户向我们支付了超过 1,000,000 美元来运行他们数百万美元的众筹活动。 我们有史以来第一次拉开窗帘,向您展示我们是如何做到的。

  • 如何开发每个人都想要的产品
  • 如何吸引 100,000 名访问者访问您的页面
  • 如何将销售额提高 37% 以上
  • 使用哪些服务......以及您不应该在哪些服务上浪费时间
  • 以及更多....


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Recruitment Program TCF Growth Formula

TCF is happy to announce a 3-month paid ''Growth Formula'' recruitment program for both experienced professionals and fresh graduates with a full-time schedule.


Our Openings

SMM Specialist

SMM Specialist

Data Scientist

Marketing Project Manager |

Financial Manager


Product Owner

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Sales Development Representative

Digital PR Specialist

Deadline 11/30/2023

Your role overview

If you’re looking for a fast-paced learning environment, a variety of constantly changing projects in different industries, and lots of room to test new things, fail and grow — then you might be the PR Specialist we're looking for!

As part of TCF’s PR team, you’ll be working with curated lists of 100,000s of journalists that we've gathered over 5 years of targeted PR. You’ll be doing both highly creative tasks — like writing personalized pitches to Forbes’s top journalists — AND super technical ones — like mass emailing thousands of journalists, but also making them think that you only emailed them ;)

Maintain media relations and collaborate with TCF’s marketing teams in promotional activities, create campaign concepts and outreach strategies, and produce interesting and newsworthy campaigns. 

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Your Unique Opportunities:

  • Create pseudo-personalized pitches that engage Forbes' top journalists directly, but also 1,000s of others at the same time;

  • Manage lists of 100,000s of journalists, making each of them feel as special as a brother or sister;

  • Create press releases, newsletters, ads, blogs, and other digital and print materials;

  • Get stories you've written published in Forbes, Mashable,, Designboom, Digitaltrends;

  • Find creative ways to get journalists' attention - like sending them a messenger pigeon;

  • Collaborate with TCF internal teams to reveal creative ideas, and PR campaign opportunities;

  • Keep up to date with industry trends, practices and innovations;

Your Unique Skillset: 

  • Strong ability of relationship building with journalists and key stakeholders;  

  • Understanding of international media, online media and blogging community;

  • Proficiency in key social media platforms and knowledge of how they are used by individuals and brands (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram);

  • Limitless desire to continue learning about digital trends with the aim of expanding your skillset;

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English;

  • BA/MA degree in Marketing, Advertising, Communications, Journalism will be a plus.

Our Unique Benefits:
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Business Development Manager

Deadline 11/30/2023

TCF is hiring!
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We imagine a world where all impactful innovations reach their ultimate success.

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To create an ecosystem where all impactful innovations thrive.

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